Welcome to LibXP!

Currently LibXP is under heavy development, please return later.

Current status
You may look at our Source Forge Page: here
You may also check the link above for releases and/or information regarding how far we have come in the development of LibXP.

About LibXP
LibXP is a project which aims to create a cross-platform library. Kind of like the VCL from Borland, or MFC for Windows, but supporting multiple platforms. LibXP is coded natively for all supported operating systems which means no interpretor such as a Java Virtual Machine is needed, the program will run natively and just as fast as a native program.

Who makes LibXP?
LibXP is made by a cooporation between Goosi Softworks and Humgun International. The Source Forge page is maintained by Goosi Softworks and linked to it's developer network while the page located at BerliOS belings to Humgun International. Both sites' CVS/SVN respositories are supposed to contain the same files.

More information will come soon!
LibXP is a trademark of Goosi Softworks and Humgun International.

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